Rampage agrees to coach TUF 10 against winner @ 98

DBerry - Great, LHW belt on hold for another 7 months after the 23rd.

 Well, it's been 5 months since Evans won it, and 5 months in between Forrest winning it and losing it, so really, 7 months won't be a big deal.  Just don't make in 10 months like during the TUF 8 delay.

The best thing about this is that Rampage said after his last TUF run that he would never do it again because he didnt train for 9 month.

john joe - 

er... no offense jay but they dont. http://www.fightersonlymagazine.co.uk/news/viewarticle.php?id=2352 

edit: notice that neither piece actually says he is; nothing's been confirmed as yet...
I got the story sent to me from those guys as an exclusive, whether or not that's correct is an issue with them!

"MMABay can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that former UFC light heavyweight champion, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, has agreed in principal to become one of the season ten coaches on “The Ultimate Fighter” reality series."


LOL 9 Episodes of machida teaching guys how to do Kata would be Awesome.

Too bad rashad is going to put the beatdown on him.

the cheddar always makes it better

rampage has said he never wanted to be away from his family like that again but I guess he is getting cashed out by spike and the ufc

tuf 10 rampage vs Rashad


Thats fucking rubbish. Rampage already spent 9 months not fighting because of that show, leading up to the Griffin fight. Plus seeing him a second time isn't going to have the same novelty and interest. Also he's stated before that he doesn't like coaching much. Disappointing. The only good that will come out of this is if Rashad wins next weekend, thats the only way of making this interesting.

"Rampage already spent 9 months not fighting because of that show, leading up to the Griffin fight."

Yeah that hurt him going into that fight.... sucks to think it might happen again.

Dana must have talked real perty to him, because Rampage hated coaching TUF last time; that is where his falling out with Juanito started.

double post

I love the USA vs Brazil concept but it could never happen in Brazil unless Dana bought a huge mansion for them to destroy in Brazil.


No one wants to see recycled coaches!  Get some NEW coaches...come on.  There are a ton of them to choose from. 

And it's not like he was a coach from season 1 or 2...he just finished.  

Come on UFC, no one wants this.

 GSP coached season 4 and was supposed to coach against Matt Hughes but Serra monkeywrenched that in Texas.


 This is stupid. I dont want to see the same coach on TUF two times. I think they should put Cheick Kongo and Cain Velasquez/Heath Herring as the coaches.

 Fuck this shit.  Didn't Dana talk shit on Fedor only fighting twice a year saying he had to fight 3 times  a year like his best?  Well Rampage will only be fighting twice in 09, after fighting twice in 08, Rashad will have fought twice in 09 after fighting twice in 08, Lyoto will have just fought 3 times in 09, however he only fought once in 08.

Why hold back your most stacked division again, a year after you already did it?  Rampage will go 10 months between fights, Rashad or Lyoto will go 7 months.

Don't do TUF around title fights, it fucks up the division. 

Brigham, the article states that that the coaches' title fight following the show will take place in December.

This would have been great for Rampage v Wanderlei III or Rampage v Shogun III if that were next. Shogun could use the TUF factor while hot off his KO of Chuck, I really wish they were going that route, but hey, Rampage earned chance to regain the title, so here we are.

The UG (myself included) will of course hate this for putting the LHW title on hold another 2 months. However, either Machida or Evans (Team Jackson) will be interesting as coach. Both could use the promotion of the show as the new top dog in the marquee divison of the UFC and Rampage will give them the rub while getting back in the spotlight himself. 

This makes the most since due to timing. The Lightweight, Welterweight, and Heavyweight championships will not be decided until after the show is to begin production and Middleweight contenders are being featured in the current season. Brock needs no TUF hype, Mir just had his, if GSP retains he is tied up with Anderson next and UFC Primetime will promote that superfight, same for Anderson. 

ZUFFA sees the current/next LHW champ as needing a marketing push to make this fight the money match it should be. If Florian defeats Penn, I bet Kenny becomes TUF coach soon, if Alves goes over GSP, same. 

that means he aint fighting for a year!

they should have waited until the outcome of rashad/machida to figure out if rampage should coach.

If he doesnt they should have picked two new guys so people can figure out their personality more.

MNFAN - If Rashad wins, this might be the greatest season in the history of the show with him and Rampage smack talking.

If Machida wins, it might kill the series.