Rampage B-slapped my friend

A couple weeks back my friend was at south coast plaza with his girlfriend when they saw rampage and his family.

When they passed by him my buddy says "rampage'? rampage looks at him and says what, so my buddy goes rampage right? and rampage goes no man i aint rampage and stares at him. a couple seconds later he smiles and laughs and says what up.

Then my buddy asked if he can get a pic and rampage says only if i can get some pics of your girlfriend. Rampage then proceeds to pull out a camera and take a bunch of pics of my buddys chick. Rampage then poses with my friend for a pic,

At this point my friend and his chick are weirded out, Rampage then grabs his hand for a handshake but then bitch slaps him hard and says next time you see me in public with my family leave me the fuck alone.

Anyway i met rampage a couple years back and he seemed cool as hell maybe they caught him on a bad day

I call bullshit!

If you met Rampage a couple years ago that was likely before he was insanely popular and famous. He must get hounded all the time now.

yea i met him before he fought arona

fucking typical

Racist IMHO. Rampage is always cool as fuck. Fact.

he is an asshole. i met him once & watched him do the same thing to someone. one day he's going to do that to the wrong person & they'll take a lead pipe & beat the hell out of him. with respect comes respect. race has nothing to do with it.

if it is true I would have gone down hard, busted my head open, and called the cops and then settled out of court for an undisclosed amount

if he didn't have the courtesy to tell the fan not to bother him, why have the courtesy of not suing his ass for knocking you down.

call bullshit all you want, i know what i saw

This doesn't sound like the same guy who gave out his personal cell phone number and then would talk to people for an hour.

my friend talked to security and they checked the tapes but it was not caught on camera

i know what i saw & sound like the same shithead i met

. He does live in Orange County . I had Sushi with Him and his Wife not long ago in Irvine.

Another bullshit story.

"This doesn't sound like the same guy who gave out his personal cell
phone number and then would talk to people for an hour."

yeah i heard about that! 3 years ago or so he posted a cellphone number
on some message boards and just said 'go on and call me'

no one believed him at first but then people started actually trying it and
it really was him. then so many people started calling he just left it
permanently on voice mail

He does Live here , I really dont give a fuck and hes always way cool with people.

no one is "always cool with people", especially him

Not your story HKP.

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