Rampage/Chuck at Guys Choice (vid)

Interview with the new UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson at the Spike TV Guy's Choice Awards.

Interview with Chuck Liddell at the Spike TV Guy's Choice Awards.




Joe Rogan did a funny, but brief stand-up segment. Will Farrell was goddam hilarious in his acceptance speeches! That was the best awards show I've ever seen and I hope they make it annual.

Why on earth would they have be charismatic. If anything it's their fists and fight skill which put people at awe not the things coming out of their mouths. Bush is no where near the point of being charismatic and yet still look at the dick holding it down in the white house (soon to be the black house, OBAMA yea...). Anyways just me venting, everyones a critic.

Oh yeah and another thing, it's charismatic, go back to school.