rampage doing his impression

of rashad getting knocked out by machida tonight on tuf was possibly the funniest shit i have ever witnessed. imho of course.

Rashad is a better coach than Rampage. Rashad is 10X smarter than Rampage.

It was funny but only half as funny as Rashad answer to Rampage asking him "why you only got one shoe on Rashad?"

"Cause im about to stick this other shoe up your mother f'n ass"

Rampage's humor often fails to appeal to me as anything other than annoying and juvenile, but he's usually good for at least one genuine laugh an episode. That right there was probably the funniest damn thing I've seen all season long.

 yes it was funny. now post the rashad googly eyes pic


I find Rampage's reaction to other people funnier.
Dude is like a toddler.

He acts like he is the funniest guy on Earth dishing it out in every direction and as soon as anyone says anything back there is this obvious look of stunned shock on his face, like he can't believe someone would actually return any verbal jab.

Even if page does say somthing remotely funny he runs it into the ground, its like, shut the fuck up already it wasn't that funny!

I laughed.... FINALLY...... but Rampage is a self absorbed mental midget.

Rampage's funny, he's not the smartest dude, but he's gonna knock Rashad cold when they face.

 Rampage is a fucking terrible representitive of MMA and the UFC.  I hope they dont take his ass back after all the shit he's said.  What an ass.

 If rashad was smart he would have just dropped his hands to his side and lunged forward to remind rampage of his knockout