Rampage Fan Phone!!!!

Call him, 949-836-1883.


Uh, call it.


Thought it was 949-867-5309

281-330-8004 IMO

I called... and Mike Jones answered!

Quit savin' those ho's, capn.

yes its real

he gave out his number yesterday during the mmaweekly radio show

says its his fans phone number and to call anytime


UFC & Dana blow for not signing him. Looks like the whole organization is ducking him.

"I called him and asked him why he is ducking chuck. He made up some BS excuse about not enough money and wants to go fight nobodies in the WFA forever. "

Are you saying that Lindland is a nobody? Do you mean the same Matt Lindland that has won his last seven fights, 11 out of 13, and was the legit contender for the UFC 185lb title? I was just wondering cause if you mean a different Matt Lindland then, yeah, Rampage is fighting scrubs.

PS I want Rampage to win.

ttt for later

TTT for Rampage, he seems like a real cool guy.