Rampage: Greg Jackson has made the sport boring

Rampage: "C'mon. I like to fight fighters, man. MMA was built on people who brought it, that's why MMA became so popular. Now look at everybody. Every has these crazy ass gameplans...just take you down.

What about that fight with Brandon Vera and Shogun the other day? What were the fans saying about that fight? This was one of the most exciting fights ever, and now the fans are so used to seeing these wrestlers taking people down.

I'm a wrestler!! But I don't fight like that. Just taking people down, humping them, and making a boring fight. And now the fans think that's a sight. And fights like Vera and Shogun -- they call that boring. That's an exciting fight!"

King Mo: "Do you think they should bring the card system into play?"

Rampage: "No, I think the referee should be on it. If the guy isn't pounding you or trying to submit you, stand em up. Faster standups, man. MMA is getting boring. That's why I want to leave the UFC. That's why I don't want to have anything to do with it. I want to go to boxing or something. I want to do something different. I wanna do kickboxing. MMA's getting boring to me.

Honestly, Greg Jackson has changed the fighters; he's changed the sport. The sport is fucking boring now."

(3:30) of video.  


You just reposted the same thread with subtitles.

what's beef, beef is when you take 6 Wanderlei Knees to go to sleep

good video.. and rampage makes some good points..

The UFC was founded on tournament style fighting where in a sense you had to bring it.. Then in a ladt ditch effort to save the UFC, what did they do?

They created the TUF which was also a tourney style and the bonnar v griffin fight skyrocketed the UFC back into life. ironic isn't it... Phone Post

Rampage lost ALL right to talk about anyone elses strategy+ fight style after his fight with Machida. He keeps acting like he throws bombs in every fight and wants these stand-up wars, but when they gave him an opponent who is primarily a striker, what'd he do? Push him into the fence and search for takedowns the entire time. Phone Post

ILoveWatchingJonesBoneShogun - what's beef, beef is when you take 6 Wanderlei Knees to go to sleep


Even if Rampage is right, I dont want to hear it. Hes incredibly boring now. He stood with Hammil for 3 rounds and never even rocked him Phone Post

Alot of squandered talent in that vid...

ILoveWatchingJonesBoneShogun - what's beef, beef is when you take 6 Wanderlei Knees to go to sleep

  Bad ass quote is bad ass when hearing that music in your head when reading.

He's right.

You have fights like Hardy-GSP where GSP lays on the dude for 5 rounds, and it's some masterful dominant performance. And than you have a fight like Vera-Shogun where everybody says it's just a sloppy brawl and everybody shits on them. I see exactly what Rampage is talking about.

Did Jackson start training Shields or Fitch? Those are pretty much the two most boring fighters in the UFC according to the internet