Rampage & Hendo should fight 1st!

And then the winner should fight Silva for the title. I blows my mind that Hendo hasn't gotten a shot already after all he's done. But Quinton gets two shots at Silva in a year.

I personally think Rampage vs Hendo would be the fight of the year. So why not have them square off 1st since Silva has Kondo anyways?

Hendo vs Rampage would ROCK!

They might have to fight first anyway. With Silva fighting Kondo and then maybe Nog or Mirko, it may be a while before they face Silva.


My opinion: Sorry, Hendo beats Rampage.

Rampage earned his title shot a year ago by beating Randleman. Its about time he gets it.

Arona was tough as nails and had to be considered the number 1 contender. I'd say Rampage has earned his shot.


csc, in what realistic scenario does herderson beat QJ?

"in what realistic scenario does herderson beat QJ?"

In what realistic scenario does Rampage beat Dan?

what does a red name mean again?

I really wanna see Henderson vs. Kondo. I think that would be a phenomenal fight!

I would pick Dan over Rampage

Awesome match- Dan would beat Rampage.

I wish Pride would line him up with more fights. Its a shame we have to wait so long to watch him fight.

I want to see Rampage get his shot at Vanderlei.

But I wouldn't mind if Dan was his first title defense after he wins. ;)

if Rampage wins, he'll probably be scheduled for an immediate revenge rematch with Sakuraba. DSE will make a ton of money and Sak will become disabled.


Pride needs to do what is right and make a Rampage VS Henderson next. But also make the Vanderlei VS Kondo fight, for the title. Then they could have the two winners fight each other, in a fight all the fans would want to see!

I wouldn`t doubt if Pride does try to make Rampage fight another good fighter before he has to fight Silva. He has earned his shot and should get it . They can keep on trying to keep him down all they want to but the cream always rises to the top. Silva is going to have to fight a fresh Rampage before too long no matter how they try to avoid it and keep feeding Silva tomato cans and has beens.

It kind of reminds me of the Hagler situation back in the `80`s in boxing.

I think Silva and Rampage should fight... if Rampage wins, and its not a close fight, then Hendo and Silva should fight for the number #1 contendership.

What would the weight difference be between Dan and Q?