Rampage is ratings gold

 He says anything on his fucking mind, lol

Oh. You're one of them.

 Rampage drives a nice black Audi R8!

and the minstral show continues

He is a funny guy, good fighter but horrible coach. Glad he got the movie roll before this season aired because seeing his commitment to the people around him is a major flaw!

he is hillarious, and i did find myself texting people saying " look at rampage wtf is he talking or doing" during the show, and most agreed WTF rampage?

He is funny, w/out question, but he's also a dick and a bad coach. He got tapped w/ that? Yes, Rampage, peopole can be tapped w/ an anaconda choke. He probably didn't even know what it was.

Rampage was funny in Pride, he is now stale.

clarenceworley - Rampage was funny in Pride, he is now stale.