Rampage Jackson vs Rogeiro Nogueir

i was reading and inteview to hermes franca on the tatame website and he mentioned that rogeiro nogeira its going to be fighting rampage on the next pride.

Sakuraba, Kondo and Horn have all been mentioned as being in the 185 GP rather than the 205 GP.

Rampage will beat him with a decison or a TKO in the second.

Yea, I also heard that Horn and Saku are going to be split into the 185 GP. OH MAN! Horn vs Saku will be NUTZ. Pride is going to crush UFC this year even more than before. Holy shit i'm psyched.

great fight.

I think Rogerio could take it if his chin is as good as his bros (I haven't seen many of his fights) and if he can avoid getting STFO (slammed the fuck out).