chain, howl, memphis connection. there must be more.


Both are big black guys who talk funny.

JYD was a regular dog, Rampage plays a werewolf.

i know you can do better than that

Thread is in desparate need of some:

JYD was Rampage's biological father.
When JYD was younger he built a robot and was an up and coming nascar racer. JYD fell in love and had twins...a boy and a girl. but didn't know about them. Their mother was afraid that her children would turn to the darkside (in this case a heel).
Eventually Rampage found out who his real father was and challenged him to a Deathstar match. JYD declined citing contractual obligations but instead bit Rampage's right hand off. At some point JYD and Rampage made up and have loose contact. Rampage wears the chain in honor of JYD.
Rampage now has a robotic right hand (built by JYD) and used it to beat Chuck Liddell into another dimension. (which is a whole different story)...

that's what i'm talkin about.

and Bill Jackson should be plagued with genital warts for calling JYD a "regular dog"....

...JUNKYARD (duh)

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Rocco thank you for posting something like that!She is hot as hell!!!

lol @ that shit being the good old days

I want to see some Mid-South Wrestling clips


JYD was great, He waslways fun to watch knocking down opponents with "Doggy Head Butts" Head buttts while on all fours barking at his opponents. He also used to come out to Queens "Another one bites the dust" and later "Grab Them Cakes." If I recall, he passed away driving to his Daughters graduation not too amny years ago. Always a positive persona form what I remember, I dont nremember him ever playing a villian. TTT for JYD

Hasn't Rampage spoken of being inspired by JYD and using his gimmick?

ttt The old WCW vid.

Yes, i'm a noob, so sue me.

JYD also had a large collection of light sabers. 1 was totally pimped out with spinners, detachable grille and blue tooth ready...

Finnz---yes, he has said he got his act from JYD, Sylvester Ritter, who died quite a while ago. Once, on a business trip, I went to work out at this gym in Blytheville, Arkansas and he was there.

"grab them cakes" ah yes, i thought i was the only one that remembered that one. It was on the wwf album. Along with the best version of "rock n rool hoochie coo" eva. lol