Rampage Liddell 2

What would you rather see..
Rampage-liddell 2 or liddell-couture 3

rampage and liddel, i dont want to risk seeing couture get beat again

Rampage / Liddell 2 would be great, but probably won't happen for quite awhile, its says on Quinton's site that he plans to stay with PRIDE for a long time to come

Rampage / Liddell 2

Perfect, maybe lidell and rampage will have gay anal sex in the ring

Liddell vs Rampage

liddell rampage by a million

"I would bet money. Liddel would knock out Rampage"
Why didnt he do it the first time they fought instead of lying on his back flailing like a bitch and getting punched in the face?

Chuck vs Rampage

Rampage would be the new UFC LHW CHAMP

I would rather see Couture.

And the Neeeeeeeewwwwwww

UFC Lighheavyweight Champion of the





Rampage has not been the same fighter since the second Silva KO whereas Liddell has just gone through the roof. I think that it would be close but Liddell would get a third round KO.

Gossamer you are correct.

Easily Chuck vs Rampage 2. The first one chuck received a heck of a beating, wouldn't mind seeing that again!

rampage for sure.

liddell vs coutore will be fine then randy will retire if he loses and chuck will live happily ever after since the ufc has no contenders for him to fight unless they look outside of the guys they have now...

I want to see Randy Couture Vs Chuck Liddell a third time. Win, lose, or draw, Couture should retire after this fight, in my opinion.

Then, I'd love to see Liddell face "Rampage" so that if he won, they could do what they did for Lennox Lewis and go, "He has defeated every opponent he has ever faced," in his pre-fight introductions.

Neither.'Rampage' is gone, Vanderlei killed him, all that's left is Quinton Jackson who would lose to Chuck. Cotoure,as much as I like him, needs to retire. I think the outcome of either matchup would result in Chuck winning. I don't care to see either fight.


I think if Liddell is in shape he can take Rampage easy.