rampage looks good/ready to fight

i just checked out a interview at thefightgame.tv his nose looks good and he says he is 100% ready to fight ninja.he also said if he doesnt get hurt he will be in the tournament and he is still as funny as hell

I don't think Rampage will ever be the same after that last Silva fight.

Quinton is the MAN!

Gotta love Quinton. He's the shit.

I don't know if anybody can recover from that beating he took from Silva.

Quinton is gonna beat Silva down in there rematch in the future........

and we're going to keep saying it until it happens.

He has a better chance of beating Silva in a rematch than Sak does,

This is going to be good: a battle of two guys with scary skills, a serious mean streak, and who haven't been able to take it to the next level when they're exhausted.

Somebody's gotting mauled here.