Rampage @ May6th Fights Mullins C.

Quinton Jackson scheduled to appear at the NEOBLOOD FIGHT NIGHT at the Mullins Center(UMASS)May 6th. Interview to follow soon.


Quinton Jackson interview by Todd Foote on 4-12-06

Recently, I had the chance to talk with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. He is one of the most humble and respectful fighters I have ever talked to. I would like to thank Dave Cosnotti from Brand 33 and Kenny Knoll for setting it up.

TF: Thanks for taking the time for a quick interview.
QJ: No problem.

TF: When you first started mixed martial arts did you have a favorite fighter?
QJ: No.....

TF: So, what got you started?
QJ: I learned how to fight from the streets and I fell in love with wrestling so fighting (MMA) was a way I could continue it.

TF: Early in your career you had more wins by submission, now most of your wins are by KO. Do you think there will be fewer submissions in Today's game?
QJ: In the beginning no one knew about submissions and they were there so I took them. Now everyone has caught up to Jiu Jitsu.

TF: Who has the biggest influence over your fighting?
QJ: Our Lord and Savior...God

TF: Who are your current training partners?
QJ: Well...I started training today. I trained with Josh Barnett. He kicked my butt all over the gym. I found the more I get my butt kicked in the gym the better I do in the ring.

TF: What is a training day like close to a fight?
QJ: Running in the morning then I train wrestling and Jiu Jitsu...at night Boxing and Muay Thai and I spar.

TF: Let's jump to the UFC, any predictions on Ken versus Tito?
QJ: I stay away from questions like that. I do not want someone mad at me for saying he is going to whoop so and so....I have too much respect for Ken and Tito.

Quinton Jackson interview by Todd Foote on 4-12-06 cont.

TF: Do you think there is anyone in the UFC that can last 3 rounds with you?
QJ: Yea....
TF: So, you have a lot of respect for Chuck?
QJ: Yes...I respect Chuck...I have respect for anyone in the ring.
TF: With your Pride fights getting televised in the States now do you find yourself getting recognized more?
QJ: About the same, everywhere I go one or two people recognize me.
TF: What is it like in Japan?
QJ: Same in Japan...difference is a black man in Japan. I stand out more.
TF: Care to comment on your free agency status?
TF: Ok next question, what advice can you give fighters that want to fight in a big show like Pride?
QJ: Put on a show before the ring, have an exciting fight with a lot of heart and do not kiss any butt....Pride does not like that...That's how I got there.
TF: What's next for Quinton Jackson?
QJ: What's next?.....Easter, Easter Sunday. (Interviewed before Easter)
TF: Thanks for your time. You are coming to Massachusetts on May 6th for the Neo Blood Fight Night?
QJ: I will see everyone May 6th at the Mullins Center. Look forward to meeting everybody. Thank you.

I spoke with Rampage last night and he's really looking forward to coming out to UMASS on May 6th. He's bringing some cloths from in clothing line and he'll have a booth set up all day before the fights.

Remember, there will be professinal Powerlifting and a Hot Body contest prior to the fights. The doors open at 10:00 AM for the Powerlifting and we'll be there all day and night.