Rampage "medically unfit" for jail

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As TMZ first reported, the just-defeated UFC champ was busted this afternoon for alleged felony hit and run. Now we have the details -- and they're insane! Rampage was on the 55 Freeway in the O.C., hit two cars and got off the freeway. The chase was on.

Rampage then began driving on the center divider. But it gets worse. According to the police report, Jackson then drove on the sidewalk, "causing pedestrians to flee for their lives." He started driving the wrong way on a crowded street, colliding with yet another car in an intersection. As he continued on, running several red lights, his tire disintegrated and he began driving on the rim.

Rampage eventually got to the exclusive Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach, where he again drove on the sidewalk, "causing pedestrians to flee in terror."

Eventually, his car came to a stop and he was taken into custody at gunpoint. Cops took him to the Orange County Jail, but they determined he was "medically unfit" to be booked. Cops won't say if he was high.

Rampage is currently in an O.C. hospital.<!-- POST CONTENTS END --><!-- POST OPTIONS START --> 

 Really ?

Black and unfit = oxymoron

I keed!

According to some sources he was suffering from a severe case of narcolepsy.

Is he diabetic?

Maybe he took the loss to Forrest very hard and has gone on a scotch and crack binge.


Does this mean Rampage was 5150 and on apsychiatric hold. It was not reported that he was hurt in the chase and he must be mentally unstable.


Damn! First Martin Lawrence, now Rampage!

good question Birdman

Roe Jogan - Damn! First Martin Lawrence, now Rampage!

What happened to Martin?

^ Nothing recently

Windfall - ^ Nothing recently

Dayommn Gina!

Rampage is in a seriously bad way. I don't mean the stuff you see on TMZ. I mean for real. Please pray for him.


EKPOGI - ^holyfuk!

 If that is your first time seeing his character, "Shenaynay" I pitty you. ML is a funny ass dude.

As fucked up as it sounds, I hope he was high when this happened. If he did this shit sober then he has some serious serious mental problems.

Crazy stuff but consistent with what we know of Rampage. He's not a criminal and would not willingly endanger other people's lives.

Man, he drove a lot further than I thought. In normal traffic, it takes a good 15 minutes to get from the end of the 55 to the peninsula.