Rampage Money as a Co-main event fighter.

With the dominance of the UFC current title holders good to great co-main events are even more important to selling the UFC product. There is no fighter right now that has as many potential good to great co-main events fights available to him as Rampage Jackson does. Rampage has stated that he wants to finish out his contract and then be done with the UFC. It makes no sense having him fight for the title and then vacate it. Even though Rampage has often said one thing and done another.

There is a group of fans right now that would pay good money to see Rampage fight and lose because of his antics towards Darrell on TUF, his opting out of the fight in November 2009 to do a movie, and his destruction of Chuck and Silva. On the flip side other fight fans realize that Rampage brings it each and every time he fights. So he can be exciting and an ass all at the same time.

Rampage vs Evans is a money fight, they have both done enough trash talking to keep this fight alive. Even though Evans could not market anything he is lucky Rampage is still around to sell this fight and make him money.

Win or lose Rampage vs loser of Machida/Shogun is also a money fight

And people would pay to see a Rampage vs Rich Franklin co-main event. The UFC could easily sell it as a good guy vs bad guy fight.

Very few fighters have the appeal negative and postive that Rampage has without holding a title. Frank Mir fizzles if he loses to Carwin and Chael fizzles if he loses to Silva. Rampage not so much.