Rampage responds to rapper "Game"

"If the Game had my role I would have stopped being a fan of A-Team. After the movie, I had a fight and I lost my fight. The Game did an interview cause he was trying to hit the road and said he would be a better B.A. ... He totally disrespected me. I said look here Game, we can have an act-off, you can play the role of B.A. and I can play the role of B.A., then we can have a rap-off, where you rap and I rap and then lets get in the cage and have a sparring match. I told the Game that and he shut up talking. No response though, like crickets."


The Cal is now on The Game

Rampage would give Game a Memphis BEATDOWN, then eat some BBQ, then hit the strip club...

rockfists - Game replied with, "Then we can go in the streets and have a face off."

Rampage hasn't replied yet.

By the time that happened, Rampage would have already killed him in the cage.

 Has the Game been getting advice from Chael on how to hype his career?

Then we can get countries and have a nuclear arms race. ::ROLLS EYES::