Rampage, Tito, Bellator... WTF

The TNA appearences are embarrassing to say the least. Tito looks like an idiot out there. The beef isnt there and its shocking how fake it all seems. The twitter battles are the dumbest thing since mayhems ufc return. Frustrating as a fan to see people make a mockery of this sport. Were not TNA wrestling. This is MMA. Finally, Bjorn I dont like you. Tito retire buddy. And Rampage you lost me as a fan when you got your ass beat by bader. Phone Post

Agreed, all UFC beefs are as real as it gets

Professional wrestling is for kids and retarded adults. Simply don't buy PPV's of it, watch it or even comment on it. The athletes need to get paid sure and good for them. I certainly dot give a toss about Tito or Rampage. It makes me laugh that they are sitting in a locker room somewhere reading their lines and practicing facial expressions in the mirror. Lol. Whatever happens Jesus don't give Tito a microphone. Phone Post 3.0