Rampage trainer fist (pics)

Nothing else to say...just look and discuss

Looks like its about to explode!

LOL that thing has it's own zip code...

Imagine getting punched by that.......

I think an other dude having big fist is Liborio....pics anyone?


elephantitis(sp) or does he have an extra finger?

I guess that's where the expression 'hams for hands' came from. Juanito must hit like a truck!

looks like a sledgehammer

I call that hand a "peace maker".

His fist probably looks like that because Rampage's fist is noticeably further behind his. Therefore Rampage's fist looks tiny in comparison.

No, Rampage just has tiny hands.

Rampage's little girl hands bring to mind one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies.

edit: damn, it doesn't have the part where LaMotta talks about how he has little girl hands and can never fight Joe Louis. Oh well. Good clip anyways.

DOesn't Marco Ruas also have crazy hamhocks?

synthol in the hands lol?

Pictures can be deceiving, it could be his closeness to the camera or the angle.

But yeah, it seema to dwarf Rampage, maybe its holding all those mitts as well.

Whoever mentioned Ruas is right, the guy has hands like shovels.


"elephantitis(sp) or does he have an extra finger?"

Inigo Montoya is looking for him.

Is that a flesh colored boxing glove?