Rampage vs Arona

On the main UG, they're saying that Arona is scheduled to fight Rampage (finally!!).

What are your thoughts on the match up? Here's mine...

I've been waiting a long time for this one! Great match up, awesome fight! Only in Pride!!

The way I see it this fight could go either way, but I will go with Arona by Guiloutine choke.

Rampage will have to be careful if he wants to win. He must keep the fight on his feet, avoid the take-down, be patient and box. If Quinton fights his usual way, he will walk right into Arona's hands. He must fight the way he fought Busta in the second round.

Arona will press the action, looking for the take-down, which he will get, and will put Rampage on his back, tire him out. Eventually, a frustrated Rampage will expose his neck for a guiloutine choke from a stand-up situation.

That's my call, you can put money on it.

Whoever wins this fight, will go on to fight Silva. It will be a great fight and will give Silva tough competition, but neither one has what it takes to beat him.

I can't see Rampage being able to slam him but I do think Arona will lose via TKO after eating a few knees.

rampage is a versatile and well rounded fighter... more so than arona. 'page will light him up on the feet. i don't think arona will score more than 1 takedown before getting his head knocked off.

quite a bit like 'page vs randleman