Rampage VS Thiago.....O hell Yea!!!!!!!

Let's get this sh!t.....Whoo you got ?????

now this is the fight I wanted to see

thiago wins by pulling guard, reversing, then ground & pound.
jackson has proven to have a weak ground game.

Rampage will win for sure. Phone Post

Yuh huh. Thiago by TKO but that's hard to call anything could happen. I almost like both fighters too much to want to see that fight. ALMOST. Phone Post

Rampage by KO.

My brain says who the hell knows?

My gut says Silva by riding out a GnP/LnP dec.

My heart says Rampage by KO.

they need to build thiago up more so he can have a  big fight for ufc rio! not a good move

silva will try to take him down repeatedly but rampage has great tdd which forces him to stand with rampage and if rampage finds his range he can ko silva but if silva works leg kicks and the clinch he mite be able to beat rampage i got silva with the upset Phone Post

Thiago has a questionable chin, Rampage hits HARD.

They're setting up Rampage vs. Shogun or Rashad for the title... both will sell alot of PPV's.