Rampage vs Toney

Who would want to see this fight as Toney's first fight. I think this would be a good fight to showcase Toney. If he can get pass Rampage as expected because Rampage would probably be wiling to trade, it sets up another fight for him for UFC to make money on. If he cant even beat one of the willing striker in UFC, then UFC win over Boxing. At least for the bragging right. Can you imagine the Trash Talking on the build up for this fight?

I like it. Would definitely see this then Couture/Loney.

 I like it. And I think Toney takes it.

Dana...Please make this happen!!! This is a money fight for UFC and it will be hella exciting. Since Rampage just lost to Rashad and he is not in the title shot contention at the moment, it just makes so much sense.