"Rampage" VS Vitor in Strikeforce

From Sherdog....

Add one more destination coming out of the Quinton Jackson rumor mill. Sherdog.com heard on Thursday that the ultra-successful Strikeforce show will return in early June to San Jose. Headlining the card could be a mega fight between Vitor Belfort, who is purportedly already signed, and free agent Quinton Jackson. The hottest rumors have Jackson landing in the WFA's lap, but if the offer's good enough he may jump at it.

"Whoa. I hope Vitor makes a good showing. He's been looking real soft in his last outings. Pudgeness and lack of muscle"

I didn't notice this. He was ripped in his last several fights.

You might be thinking of his 1st cousin Vit0r, or his 2nd cousin (by marriage) Rilton Gracie.

Well, the Vitor lose to Tito can be debated for sure. But with this fight, I would love to see it. Only thing is, I thought about 3-4 months ago, Vitor signed with Pride and thats why he dropped out of the Cage Rage fight was because he was training for another fight for Pride and couldn't make the weight for the Cage Rage fight. Does anyone know whats going on there?

Who wins? Depends who Jesus likes more?

Maybe Vitor wasn't as cut as some of his previous fights, but I definately wouldn't call him pudgy or fat.

I would LOVE to see that fight

"vitor and many other sources said vitor was never signed for the manhoef fight. it was a rumour by cage rage."

Wasn't it also reported that Cage Rage doesn't have signed contracts with any of the talent--it is all verbal commitments?

Not sure at all what happened in the matter, I am pretty sure I read that is the way Cage Rage operates though.

"vitor and many other sources said vitor was never signed for the manhoef fight. it was a rumour by cage rage."

Actually from what I have heard Cage Rage doesn't actually use contracts, they simply go off of a verbal commitment.

"He's not fat."

Thank you for clearing that up.

"Vitor has been most explosive when he is lean with the exception of roided up 18 yr old Vitor. In the Tito fight you can see that the added bulk helped hinder his quickness during the flurry he threw in round 1. The Overeem fight he came in not as bulky but looking softer. The Rea fight was the worst shape I had seen Vitor fight in and he looked sluggish."

Bwahahhahaha! Whatever makes the fan boys feel better about his LOSS to Tito because of Tito's better conditioning and game plan. Vitor's flurry didn't look "hindered" against Tito...it just looked like it was being used against somebody with talent for once.

The more ridiculous statement is Strikeforce signing Rampage.

Strikeforce had a full hourse for one show, but they need a better business plan than selling Gracie vs. Shamrock on Google Video to be a major force.


Rampage hasn`t looked all that great in his last few fights either.

If Vitor gets serious , does some hard training and not rely on his talent he has a pretty good chance. If there is an old Vitor, now would be the time for him to show up.

Was at the cage rage, and Vitor was certainly not out of shape. Was as sharp as i've seen him too. Hope this fight is legit, and Vitor gets it right. To be honest I think Vitor is juiced most times he fights. Look at him for the Eastman fight, I've never seen someone so cut. He is certainly never out of shape, but I agree he sometimes looks gassed

Two guys who seem to lack their old fire and have gone soft in the head are fighting each other? Hooraayyy!

Seriously, both have let me down so much the past few years and have looked so "blah", I'm actually not excited for this fight in the least.

I'd love to be witness to this fight. Scott Coker, please pull this one off. I'll end my fight quick as hell, and make sure to get a good seat by the time this main event starts.