Rampage vs W.Silva - Today

If the fight happen today,

Silva coming off two knockout loses. And Rampage coming off 2 years off lackluster fights. UFC rules. No stomps or knees on the ground.

Rampage vs Silva III, Do you think the outcome would be the same ?

I would actually go with Rampage.




with the crazyness of late, both knock each other out at the exact same time

Can Wanderlei take whatever pharmaceutical cocktail he takes when he fights in Japan?

dont doubt wand! its not like he got beat by cans!




Good fight for Wandy to get back on his winning ways. He owns Quinten.

i like rampage with the elbows on the ground

"i like rampage with the elbows on the ground"

Funny I was going to say Wand because of elbows standing and on the ground. ;)