Rampage Won KOTN Bonus At UFC 92

...after giving Wanderlei some nasty punches AFTER the ref stopped it.

Not that anyone cares.

I'll never forget you Mr. Harris.

Ugh comparing making sure a guy isn't going to recover to a cranking a submission after the guy tapped is not the same.

Plus he's done it before. I do see your point but Paul Harris is dirty and a risk to the company and it's employees.

Easy decision to fire him imp Phone Post

Now that was fucked up and he should have been fined and not given a bonus but it seems people are leaving out the fact this isnt Palhares first time doing this.  Thats why he was cut. 


Rampage is equally guilty. Punches after the ref stops Phone Post

Mma junkie had a good article about how he's done this for years, outside of mma. He shouldn't even get his win bonus IMO Phone Post

Purse should be withheld considering he doesn't get it. The man is a punk. Phone Post 3.0

The history between rampage and Wanderlei and his first UFC offense got him off on that, should have gotten him a fine

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angryguy - Rampage is equally guilty. Punches after the ref stops Phone Post
Rampage is equally guilty? As Toquinho?

Rampage did it once and that was in an ELECTRIC, GIGANTIC fight against his arch nemesis. He had been ruthlessly brutalized by Wand twice and I'm sure he feared it could happen for a third time. This time, rather than getting his fucking face kneed into unconsciousness, he connected with a beautiful hook KO. Yes what he did then was shit, but it's a he'll of a lot less shit than Toquinho's long history of holding onto subs. Phone Post 3.0

You are correct sir. There is no comparison as far as fighters history. Rampage has bot been a repeat offender. I had in mind the two fights mentioned compared to each other. I stand corrected Phone Post