Ranch dressing from grocery store is gross


Paul Newans isn’t bad


I found this stuff kind of refreshing. Me like this ranchness.


God I wish we had a Big Boy around here.

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Theres a big boy about 30 minites from me. I can over night you.a burger if you want.

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I’m normally not a ranch guy.

But this?

This is heavenly.

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Buttermilk Ranchmmmm


Hidden Valley invented Ranch

Wish bone ranch is pretty good too

Ranch is for children and hillbillies. That’s it. No exceptions.


Oh shit, I just saw they’ve got one next door in Cleveland.

rebecca black dancing GIF

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This right here

This question gets asked alot and from someone who cooked for a living for a very long time and considers ranchites inferior this is the answer .

That Big boy you speak of is right by my job.

Actually it’s also right by where Stipe Miocic trains strong style

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I bet stipe puts ranch on his cevapi.little somethin old little somethin new

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That is an amazing clip

Prime Form no doubt

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store bought ranch has a weird thickness to it, viscosity is just all wrong

This. Not sure why all store bought ranch is so thick.

melissa mccarthy television GIF by Saturday Night Live

Stfu you goof

Idc what they invented. Hidden Valley is barf.

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