Randellman injured?

He looked slow and sluggish and Whitehead took him down way way too easy.I was there live and when he did his patented frog jump he only jumped halfass and kinda stumbled a bit when he did.Even on the ground he looked like he never Wrestled.

 He's damn near 40 years old and fighting in a state that conducts steroid tests.  It's not 1999 anymore


I figured age might have have something to do with it but seriously you don't lose that much.Their are alot of fighters mid to late 30's that are fighting that are still very physical.Randellman has always been an explosive athletic guy and he looked totally different out there.

Except the part where he almost knocked out whitehead and instead of staying on him he backs away and lets him recover.

And what i mean is his sprawls and takedown defense.

sorry, man. i gotta laugh at "I was there live" meaning anything in terms of your credentials vs. the view of the folks at home who had multiple camera angles from as close as a few feet away.

by the way....I was there live too, and the answer is no.

LOL @ u and "Credentials"^^ I was was just saying I was there Live mainly because I was there Live.Kinda like if I was watching it on TVI was watching it on TV.
Not because it gave me clout or some inside angle...seriously lol