Randleman-a win4 strategy,analysis

I know people are quick to point out Kevin's inconsistency... however, when you hear his strategy, and you compare it against what he did in the ring, you have to be impressed. He studied what Cro-cop does, and he used it.

I hope the new, more analytical, Randleman is here to stay. He is an amazing athelete with amazing natural ability and good training. Now maybe he'll couple it with a good plan.

He said (something like) this, post-show with Bas:

I finally listened to Mark Coleman. Set up the punch with the shot: shoot, shoot, shoot, hook. The left hook is my best punch. I got Ninja with it.

When you kick, you open up your hips and your right side is vulnerable....

Or soemthing like that...

I have to believe that either Mo Smith or Randy Couture helped with the gameplan. HH fighters always have the same strategy and never really utilize strategy. Maybe Wes Sims has stepped up and become the HH strategist.