Randleman Deserves Rematch

You can make a case that the punch in the first fight was a lucky punch and the sub in the second fight was a lucky sub. They need to do it again.

Very true.

If CC would have KO'ed Randleman late in the fight it'd be a diff. story but I totally agree.

The only thing is that I am almost sick of Randleman. Ive stuck by him from the get-go but Ive now given up. He's probably been more disappointing than Vitor. Sorry to say, to Mr. Randleman, he's always been one of my fav. fighters and I'll still be happy if whenever he wins but he's just way too frustrating to get behind anymore.

He seems to accept losses very readily. That bothers me a bit.

Randleman is way to unpredictible. You never really know if he'll be in top form when he shows up to fight.

Name more than 2 instances where he was "Top form" (people say vs crocop but i dont see how he came out any differently. He had a well times punch. People also say Fedor because of the throw. He came out with similiar aggresiveness against crocop in the rematch but people dont regard this as him being at "Top Form") I dont understand this. He hypes his fights so well and then fights the same. I think its more difficult to shake getting flash KO'd than to escape from a sprawl turned standing guillotine. I dont see how they are on the same level

"and his lack of an attempt at an escape was laughable"

I agree.


kev had been training with mark laimon. u figure he'd know the guillotine escape

"when 2 guys r brawling its who lands FIRST, not whose better" don wilson

Kevin didnt try to stop the guillotine because he knew he was going to get koed. It was his way out.

He gave the rematch.....deserves the same in return. Granted......he is likely to loss.