Randleman earned my Respect

I have to admit, I have never liked Kevin Randleman. I always thought that he was a one dimensional fighter that had little skill. But, on sunday, he totally has my respect. He caught one of MMA's best strikers with a left hook, and then finished him. I still do not like the way he fights, but, that was one of the best KOs that I have seen in a while. Wasn't Crocop a pro boxer for a while? This truly shows how far the sport has come. This goes to show that there are no Strikers or grapplers anymore, there are only Mixed Martial Artists. Props to Kevin and Crocop for stepping up! Good job Kevin!!

I didn't give him a snow ball's chance in hell to win this fight!

I have to give it up because that is a bigtime win!


da swede is correct. randleman can now sleep at nights.

I always knew Randleman had the tools to win, but he never seemed to have the confidence, or the ability to follow a gameplan. If he was winning the whole fight, he could win easy, but if at any point he started to lose, he seemed to almost give up.

That was a textbook fight though! The INSTANT Crocop started to move for the head-popping kick, Kevin unleashed that left bomb and stopped him cold. Outstanding win!

Punchers chance, thatys all, but I was really impressed with his performance, should that he was back on his game..

I always thought that Kevin has a chance in this fight because he has one of the fastest shoot in the heavyweight to get Crocop down for a GNP but I never thought that he would connect one finishing punch like that on Crocop. I always thought that if Randelman could learn how to box a little bit like Tyson, he would really be a force at any weight. Tyson and Randelman are built almost alike.

I have always respected Kevin. Heart of a champ that dude.

Dont like him.

"I always thought that he was a one dimensional fighter that had little skill"

That fighter that had "little skill" was the UFC hvy champ. So what r u saying about the UFC heavys?

He always had my respect. But unless he gets Giant Silva or Ogawa, he's likely finished in this tourney.

Randleman was UFC champ by default. All the top guys were already in Pride at that time. And as soon as Randy returned, he whipped KR right proper. Then Chuck's one-hitter-quitter...

KR's a gifted athelete and a hell of a takedown artist. He got a well deserved (and a little lucky IMHO) win, but let's tap the break just a bit.

Oh and it was a good decision, Bas clearly did more to finish the fight =^)

"lucky punch"

I have to agree. Chuck did get lucky with it.


Respecting someone based on a big win is nothing more than jumping on a bandwagon under the guise of "giving respect". I respected Kevin before he got in the ring with Cro Cop.

Oh, yeah, despite this big win, Kevin still is pretty one-dimensional.

Agree 100%. I have new found respect, purely from the gameplan he brough that.... HE NEVER BRINGS TO ANY OTHER GODDAMN FIGHT!

Go Kevin, you increase your skills, you think about what you want to do in there, and most importantly kick ass.

I don't think Kevin is any more one-dimensional than Cro Cop is.

Kevin is one cool guy. Im so happy that he Ko'd CroCop!

and when he loses again he will have lost your respect... untill he wins again.. and so forth.

Yeah that's right... IF Kevin happens to gives us another 5 fights like the ones previous to the Cro Cop fight, then I'll bag him.

I'll still always remember what he did to Cro Cop though, just as I'll remember the wins he had against Smith, Rizzo and Rutten (that's right, a win against Bas).

I will not lose respect for him. Up to this point, I just never saw anything but GnP from him. the fact that he outboxed Crocop just stunned the hell out of me. It just shows me that he is getting better at different aspects of the fight game. I was impressed.