Randleman explains KO over Mirko

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Randleman explains KO over Mirko
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After KO'ing Croatian Mirko Cro Cop at Pride Grand Prix held on April 25th, American Kevin Randleman states he has found Mirko's defend weakness.

Considerate by some people as an underdog, Randleman explained his strategy to knock the Croatian. 'He always puts his left arm down when he kicks. I've seen it into the videos and he did few times during the fight. I had a chance to punch him and I got it,' celebrated Randleman, who came from a loss against Sakuraba at Pride.

After KO'ing Mirko, who by the way was considerate one of the favorites to the GP's title, Randleman now says he is ready for the second phase. 'I am the shorter one and it seems funny. But I am ready to face anyone over the GP,' stated the American fighter.

punched to the opposite side...and CroCop wasn't kicking -- oh well...close enough

lol...is that so?

no it's not so.

crocop was getting ready to throw the kick.

oh, and obviously his hands must of been down.

crocop was getting ready to throw the kick.Yes, yes he was.Kevin planned and timed it perfectly.Watch it again.

I hope Randleman wins.. bout time he has some good luck

Yeah - I think he's speaking from *his* point of view. He kept saying "the right kick," too. From his perspective that would be the case.

Also - watch the slo-mo footage of the punch. Cro Cop WAS kicking but Kev's punch was so fast he got intercepted before he even got his knee bent.

There have been some animated GIF's of the punch and someone even posted the whole fight yesterday. I think the whole fight was under "Llandleman vs. CroCop" or something like that.

In the interview at the end of the broadcast Randleman explained this. I watched it several times to understand what he was talking about.

Mirko WAS throwing a kick. The thing is, Randleman's punch got to him before the kick even got off the ground.

Randleman said that any time Crocop throws a kick, he first opens up his hips, then drops the hand, THEN the kick comes. If you watch, that's EXACTLY what happens. Only the kick never came, because Crocop was dropped by that time.

I stand corrected =D sweet