Randleman Quote!

His thoughts on why he won the fight, and I quote.

"I finally listended to Mark Coleman."

how many times has he given Kev great advice and he never listens? Great win by the Monster. SOrry guys, but the Mirko bandwagon just wrecked cause he got KTFO!


Coleman told him to "finish him" and he did. Great advice

and Mirko is a cocky prick. I love to see him lose.

hey Mirko, YOU GOT KTFO!


Oh, man, did he EVER listen to Coleman this time.

He even explained the fight and why/how it unravelled.

Kev obviously had his right hand up to protect from Mirko's left foot (similar to how Hallman had his up against Jens) and gave Crocop a quick shot to get him thinking about the shot.

He also sensed his opening when Crocop "opened his hips" to kick and was vulnerable to the left hooks which KR said is his most damaging punch.

He also said, strait up, that he was intimidated by Crocop but that he FINALLY EXECUTED.

RANDLEMAN's BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He was impressive but he's so inconsistent from fight to fight. I don't see him winning unless he gets Ogawa or Giant.

I wouldn't write off cro-cop or say Randleman is back. Cro-Cop is still a force. Randleman is up and down in his fights. When either guy gets back on a roll then we'll see. But props to Randleman tonight!