Randleman v. CroCop KO gif


I made an animated gif of Randleman's KO of Cro Cop...

EDIT: the gif is posted below... thanks to Retard :)


Retard... you have mail!

Thanks for your help :)

What do you use to make your gifs?


No, it doesn't proove anything about a work.

The only thing you can see in the clip, is that CroCop got caught big time!

In an instant, you can see him shift his weight, preparing to kick, then he drops his right hand because he thinks KR is going to shoot, and POW! KR connects with a perfect ODH-like LH.

Perfect timing by KR... just enjoy the clip :)

"What do you use to make your gifs? "

I do it this way

If you have windows xp and movie maker, import any fight clip, crop what you want in your gif, export as avi or mpg, and convert to animated gif with acrobat image ready.


I did it the HARD WAY! heh.. I opened up IMAGE READY (included with PS) and took 30+ screen shots (Alt-Print Screen) of Windows Media Player. I then did the copy/paste thing forever!

After that, IR can save your animate into a gif.

I'm sure there are other easier ways, but I don't have those programs...

Damn... I'm gonna try what imontoya said! LOL!

Yeah I knew how to do it that way, I hoped you were going to tell me the right way to do it. But lucky for us  imontoya just did.

EDIT: the gif is posted below... thanks to Retard :)

ttt for Retard


EDIT: the gif is posted below... thanks to Retard :)



Thanks Retard!

paint shop pro comes with animation factory and its a great gif maker, you can import avi, mpeg and other formats and crop, add text or effects and convert to gif all in 1 app
and its very easy to use

Seeing that left hook connect makes my day EVERY time!


Looks like CropCop didn't respect KR's standup striking... he probably thought the only thing KR could do was shoot and then GnP.

Imagine if that was a Mike Tyson left hook???