Randleman v. CroCop KO gif

Wait - I don't see Kev faking a shot!!

Isn't that what CroCop claimed?

almost looks like a swingingback knuckle, kung fu stylie.

Seen how much randlemans hand rurns over?

You know, we really have to give KR all the credit in the world.

Not only did he finally execute a game plan but he beat Crocop to the punch (kick). He went for it, put it all on the line there.

If we woulda missed, he would have been on the floor.


Oh, Your Biiii-iiitch????

Where are you when we need an expert to rewatch a slow motion replay and critique the winner on how "ineffective" his fight ending technique was and all the things he didnt do as you were taught in class?

That's still half-speed too!

"Imagine if that was a Mike Tyson left hook???"

if Crocop was in there with Tyson he probably would've ever put his hands down though.

Holy fuck that was a massive, massive punch.

Cool gif!


"I did it the HARD WAY! heh.. I opened up IMAGE READY (included with PS) and took 30+ screen shots (Alt-Print Screen) of Windows Media Player. I then did the copy/paste thing forever!"Here is a MUCH easier way to do it...1. Launch TMPGE (it's free)
2. Close the Wizard
3. Click 'Video Source Browse' and select your movie
4. Hit the 'Settings' button and tab over to 'Advanced'
5. Double click 'Source Range'
6. Slide the bar to the start of the gif and click 'Set Start Frame'
7. Slide the bar to the end of the gif and click 'Set End Frame'
8. Click 'Ok' twice
9. Click 'File > Output to File > Sequence to BMP etc.'
10. Save the files in a folder of your choice
11. Launch Adobe ImageReady
12. Click 'File > Import > Folder as Frames' and choose the folder you saved the BMP's
13. It will automatically make the frames into a gif animation. You can crop and/or delete as desired
14. When finished click 'Save Optimized As' to save your new gif

After step 10 you can use Fireworks instead of IR.




I'll look for TMPGE

You da man!

Actually, I think this is another instance when a do-over should be allowed, so that shitty technique is not rewarded. Randleman's punch was a fatboy haymaker.

Another perfect example of how you can be the best striker in the world, but everybody has a puncher's chance. Even the shittiest puncher's can take you out.

- yes, Master, spoken like a true oblivious traditional martial artist.

You have obvioulsy never went near any form of competition in sports.

I wish my armbars could be as shitty as Fedor's and hooks shitty as Randleman's!!!!!

Remember, that clip is running at half-speed... Sure it looks like shitty technique in slow mo, but full speed, you'd be hard pressed to find such.

Wasn't Randleman training with Chuck? Looks to me like the exact way that Chuck punches, in which case his technique is exactly what he wants it to be!

Gobruins that gif is hypnotic!

What's the BEST PFP left hook you've seen?




that randleman left to cro cops face looks just like fedor's looping hooks.

look at cro cops right foot. kevin was about to be blasted with a kick. kevin got off first!