Randleman's chances next round

I heard lots of people thinking that Randleman "doesnt stand a chance next round if he's fighting a non-pro-w'er."


Aside from Mino and Fedor, I think Randleman could be no LESS than 50/50 to advance.

I doubt he will repeat his EXACT feat like he just did but its not like he hasnt stopped opponents before with standing boxing (Ninja, Brian Foster) and Rampage stated that he def. felt Randleman's power in KR losing effort. I look for his GNP to resurface mostly (with more active position advancement to reign it down).

He will be confident, focused, and, finally listening to his corner, as he mentioned himself, post-fight.

Its not like he's suddenly gonna be improved as much as he could (should?) be from years of top level cross training but with the right focus, on top of his obvious wrestling, athletic and strength attributes, he is a danger to anyone.

Like I said, I think he would most likely be tapped by Mino and TKO'ed by Fedor but who else is such an immediate favourite over him?

Randleman shouldnt have too much trouble taking down any of his opponents, save for Fedor.

Schilt will be interesting with the almost foot height advantage and I think he has the best chance other than the two aforementioned to beat him (but I could easily see KR win that one too).

Herring has a chance too in the same way he beat Erikson and Kerr; Wrestlers that controlled early but when fading cardio wise, Herring dealt a deadly kick or knee that was the beginning of the end.

But Randleman's only been beat really by standing strikes by those who could avoid his takedown long enough to strike (Liddel, Rampage) or tapped by a strong sub guy.

I dont think any of the opponents outside Mino or Fedor will be able to do that.

Though I wouldnt be shocked if Herring, Schilt or the other Russian were able to catch him with some strikes, I think I will bet on Randleman over the non-Mino, Fedor opponents.

Does anyone favour the non-Fedor/Mino opponents over Randleman?

I'm curious how the fight with Silva would go, but I certainly don't "favor" him.

Kharitonov is still an unknown for me (only seen him twice) but he *could* possibly beat Kev. if his ground game is as strong as Fedor implied.

Kev. will beat Schilt or Ogawa and is even money with Herring.

50/50 against anyone but Mino.

i wonder how he would do in semmys guard with the crazy reach and grip semmy has..

inf: ya, I think pre-fight prediction with a Randlman/Fedor fight would be the same as the Coleman/Fedor fight.

I DO think Randleman should be able to take Fedor down (def. Mino). But I think sooner or later Fedor would either tap him, catch him in the clinch ala Rampage, or get a sweep, and then TKO via GNP.

Goku is correct - it's one of those strange facts...although I *do* think the Pete Williams fight should've been stopped when Kevin couldn't get up right away ;)

"I think Kev should be able to take Fedor down quite easily."

As did Coleman.

I see him struggling with Heath, Sergei, and Semmy. I see him being destroyed by Fedor and Mino. I see him killing Giant and Ogawa.

He has decent chances to win unless he faces Ogawa. If that is the matchup, I wouldn't put a dime on Kev.

Randleman has (and always has had) potential to be a top fighter. I just think Hammer House has done all it can for him and it's time for him to train elsewhere if he wants to take that next step.

Did I hear someone say BANDWAGON!?

Tomato Can has double-legged the correct, taken it down and pounded it out.