Randleman's Eyes

Did you see his face when Crocop went down? His eyes got wide like everybody else's. But he didn't waste a second going after him on the ground. I am still in shock over that fight. Hat's off to Kev.

Hats off to KR for sure..

I noticed Gomi reacting in that shot. It's even
funnier in moion than the picture sequence because you
see him reaching over to Mach Sakurai as in disbelief.
Both Gomi and Sakurai have that OMG look on their
faces. I'll try to make a Gif of that later.

Im not jumpin the KR wagon. That guy has bored me to death way too many times.

yup hint. eyes behind your back

Nacirema, do make one lol.

AN incredible fight.. If randleman can keep that up, he's going to be one of the best. Let's just hope this wasn't a one off...