Randleman's Jiu Jitsu

This is a serious thought . There is no other fighter in history that has gotten as far or competes at such a high level of competition without knowing any jiu jitsu. The guy has simply not gotten any better over the years.

thread title = oxy-moron

i remember him saying a loooong time ago that he was going to learn some.......what happened?

Hubble beat me to it.

how often is Randleman on his back?

If I was his coach he would spend 80% of his training on passing the guard.

i bet he knows a ton of subs, but forgets how to do em during fights. imo he shoulda been with btt the last 6 years, he'd b kickin ass

i also think kev shouldnt ever use the guard. just watch the choke and get up

He can literally bridge off every LHW besides a couple other top wrestlers, but you gotta ask for how long? His age is catching up with him.

what the point of randleman passing guard?. Against a good BJJ guy it will just be a waste of time and will look like arona vs lister.

if i was his coach i'd have him drilling gnp and submission defence like there's no tomorrow

Hubble and Halz are smart guys.

Pass guard he can go to side control with knees or north/south position with knees.

"His age is catching up with him."

Yes, he's a full 2 years younger than Chuck, numerous years younger than Randy.

Did you guys see Randleman flop to his BACK after one grappling exchange? Everyone watching it at my place was like wtf? It was like he just gave up and wanted to lay on his back all of a sudden, allowing his opponent to attack from the top.

Weirdest thing. Don't know what he was thinking because it's not as if he pulled any type of real guard or anything.


He needs to learn how to pass the guard and keep side control while he knees to the head and body. He already knows how to gnp, he just isnt very effective from there.

"Yes, he's a full 2 years younger than Chuck, numerous years younger than Randy."

Your comparing a guy who overpowers his opponents to fighters who have technique.


I liked the time when he had "half guard" and just let Nak pass right through like he wasn't even awake.

lol... i want to see kevin jump guard... best ever... but kevin does train bjj at times in vegas w/ Laimon.

Andre I have something in the works for later this year. Email me barnonecombat@yahoo.com

I would love to have you work with me! I respect your skills big time.