Randleman's props thread


Though most picked Fedor to win from the beginning and though it was a losing effort, you still came out strong after your father's passing like we all wished you would and made for a memorable fight.

We all know how good Fedor is but you should know that many of us will also be talking about this fight for a long time and the pics from that slam will be for MMA history.

Though I havent got to see the fight yet, somehow I could practically feel that suplex still.

I have always been a fan of yours and though some of your fights have been disappointing, I dont think any MMA fan was dissappointed from this showdown with the best HW fighter in the world.

Everyone always says, if you lose, you mind as well go out guns blazin. Well, you def. went out guns blazin, in hard core wrestling style.

Props to you, Kevin Randleman.

Kevin, you're an incredible athlete, and as your entrance music said it man, you're unbreakable. You've been through too much man, you're like an example for all of us who grew up hard, not havin shit our way, and having to go through things on our own terms... learn our own lessons the hard way.

I know what it's like to lose a father. It's an incredible loss, and for you to have even gotten into the ring last night says SO MUCH about you as a man, as a character, as a person, and as a soul. Your ethic is what got you where you are, and you've done so in incredible fashion. You may have lost, but you gave us one of the most brutal slams I've ever seen, a true highlight reel showstopper. I look forward to whichever step you take from here, big brother, but the most important step you will take is healing your mind after the tremendous loss you've just seen.

Mad respect for the monster.

Major respect as always for the Monster.Although i also haven't yet gotten to see any of this UFC, i saw the clip of that slam and OUCH that was insane.

This was the first i've heard of his father passing, so i wanna also send our thoughts out.

Randleman showed heart and was man enough to step up and fight the best fighter in the world who is fedor. Not only did u step up and fight him but you powerslamed him and that counts for something in my book. You are one hellva guy, I respect you, and my condolences go out to you over you father. much respect

Big props to the monster...he'll be back kickin ass again.

Kevin has been one of my favorite fighters since he entered the UFC. My screename is in honor if his famous Kangaroo jumps before fights!

The thing about him is he hasnt even realized his full potential. From an athletic standpoint nobody can match him. I just hope he continues to improves, because lately he has been on fire.

And, to anyone that has ever had the pleasure to meet him as i have they can vouch that he is about the coolest fighter youll ever meet. He is a funny dude, and hell go out of his way for fans. Ive met him twice and on both occasions he shot the shit with me for 10-15 minutes cracking jokes and the such.

I hope Zuffa can somehow get him back as id like to see him in the LHW division. He never got the Tito fight he wanted, and the Lidell fight was over before it ever got serious.

Anyways props to Kevin for another good fight.


Big props to Kevin. He fought a good fight for his dad, and it was against the best fighter in the world. His dad is proud up in heaven.

You are easily one of the best and most dangerous fighters ever to enter and compete in MMA. Looking forward to seeing you more in the future.

Kevin, your the man!

I don't want to fight him.

ttt for Kev!

I give all the respect in the world to you Kev. You did what no other man could have given the circumstances. I thank you for you're past fights and I'm sure I will enjoy the future ones just as much. Hope to see you at the next UFC.

In Texas

TTT, if you ever do that to a human the fight will be over. Hope to see you fight again soon.


pure warrior, keep the head up and keep dropping people on their head


good work out there randleman. Beautiful slam!


Its kinda funny because Randleman and Arona are two guys who get ragged on a lot but its obvious that they are two of the freakiest athletes in the game.

And they both lost but made the great showings we all wished they would.