randlemans stance

how long has the man been training to strike and why the hell cant he hold his damn hands right?

i mean the guy can trade when he has to (did major damage to ninja, knocked out cro cop, i doubt i could dream of doing either), but why the f*ck cant he come out in the begging of the round without looking like a tae bo trained woman?

seriously, has no one noticed this?

<img src="http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g175/evilmaster-mma/thStupidity.gif"

cmon guys, im not saying he cant strike.

he just looks like a tool with his wrists all folded up like a girls.

maybe it throws his opponents off, looking like he cant box to save his life when coming out of his corner.

you guys obviously dont box

You mean the hopping he does because he's short?

wow im catching major shit for this.

just because a good fighter looks noticeably awkward in a certain aspect of his game is no reason to get your collective panties in a bunch.

you guys need to chill the fuck out.

if you disagree with what im actually claiming then you are wrong, and probably very awkward yourselves.
nothing wrong with that.

its silly to claim i dont know what im talking about or that i know nothing about mma.

i have more than a few years boxing exp, and have stepped into the ring and the cage,
what have you TUF bitches done?

he's a wrestler, maybe he prefers his wrestling stance..

If you knew anything about mma you would know that the stances are different from boxing because of all the other elements. Why dont you go make a thread about Genki Sudo looking awkward and see how much shit you get?

Main reasons for his stance:

  1. He's a wrestler who likes to shoot double and single legs.

  2. He's almost always shorter and with less reach than his opponents

  3. It's MMA, not boxing.

BUT, yeah, I agree his stance needs a little work. I mean the guy has the left hook from hell, he should use it more. Everyone he faces has to watch out for the takedown so he could capitalise more with his strikes, in the "every shot is full power trying to KO you in every unothodox possible way" like Dan Henderson does.

I agree Scaf he looks like a spaz - it cracks me up when these "pros" who have been working with leading kickboxers and boxers etc come out shaping up like high school nerds or as you say a tae bo trained women!!!

Kevin, Physical talent=10, Mental talent=2 Would love to see him commit to becoming a striker.

"i have more than a few years boxing exp, and have stepped into the ring and the cage, what have you TUF bitches done? "

  1. I aint know TUF bitch.
  2. I have fought in KOTC event in July. Still, it does not make me an expert to give adivce on Randleman who has accomplished a alot in his MMA career. He never was a striker although he has developed one hell of left hook that rocked Ninja and KO'ed Cro Crop. I think he has his hands down because most likely he is always looking for the take down. I think thats how he catches people with the left hook because they are always worried about that cat like shoot when he goes for the take down and boom he hits you high.

You have your style and The Monster has his. It has brought him the UFC heavyweight title and some big wins in PRIDE. So I really can't criticize Randleman because it works for him.

The Calf Cruncher

Why ask why when it comes to Mr. Randleman?

im not talking so much about his stance, just the way he holds his hands.

bad thread title.

it wasnt meant to be a serious critique of his style as it is obviously working for him.

just looks goofy.

has he been knocked out by anyone except chuck?

So true Wasa-B... It just 'is' with KR.