random dfc 10 pics

Adam Saunders vs Kent Nathe

Zack Schroeder vs Kelly Stenstrum





shane wessles vs sam jackson

nathan schut vs mike o'gorman

Kyle Olsen vs andy stock

Brian Kreamer vs Tyler lane


Couple of ettish bossing people around


Devon Green vs Zack Schumack

Demian Decorah vs Brian Heden

Bj Lacy vs Ryan Schmitz



they must go to the same tatoo artist, lol.

You should have gotten a picture of the huge welt on Schmitz's leg.....and more of the ring girls.

I should take the pics and then we would have more pics of stuff like that.

Where and when was this? I know Kelly....

Fargo ND this saturday, he also won in march

He said he trained up in that area for a bit. Hes good. Now 3-0

I revamped the cage by cutting off 2" of the cage panels and moving them to the inside brackets ( I offset the pegs by a quarter of an inch also. I had to cut off the brackets and move them too. But the end result was the cage panels being right up to the mat with no space.

I also welded brackets to hold the cage panels so they wouldnt bow out when the guys smashed into them ( this however has had an adverse effect, one cage panel popped out because it could not move anywhere but up) Thanks to Damian and Heden (combined weight of over 500lbs, lol) I will fix that before the next show.

I welded extra tabs so the wood would stay on the floor joists and we bought all new pad covers. Now it is SWEET!!! lol

We had very good fights, poor turnout unfortunately.

Heres a pic