Randy ate the kick that KO'd CRO

We all saw it.

What the fuck, did Randy improve his chin too?

don't you think he looks thicker through the neck and shoulders at hw than he did at lhw? and it's easier to get stopped when you get "caught". it's harder not to see a guy winging a leg at you from 4 feet away.

in other news, i'd like to say that sasquatch is goddamned fast for a guy his size.

He saw it, Cro-cop didn't.

I think it has to do mainly with the fact that Cro Cop never in a million years expected that kick to happen. I think Randy after watching the fight gave his kicking ability a lot of thought.

Randy has a much better chin than Mirko.

High kick recipient aside, Gonzaga was in way better shape when he KO'd CroCop than when he tried it against Randy.

he was also a lot fresher in the fight, which probably didn't hurt.

but yes, randy has a much better chin than cro cop.

Randy said the kick didn't land with the shin, but with the foot, that's why he's be able to take it.

That leg still went up lightning fast. Pretty impressive that Gonzaga can kick that fast. Must be some Tae Kwon Do lol.

That first high kick thrown by Gonzaga was super fast and you can tell it had major force behind it but it missed its mark and didnt land flush. I kept telling myself how lucky Randy was at that moment.

Randy would have fallen to the ground if that kick had landed.

I've noticed that in a few boxers that when they fought at a heavier weight class.(when it was more natural for them) they had better chins.

HGH is a helluva drug

"HGH is a helluva drug "

LoL, you're a fucking idiot.

"HGH is a helluva drug "

LoL, you're a fucking idiot.


complete idiot

that kick was much different look at the follow through on the head kick to cro cop, his foot like wraps around his temple.

"Kicks that look similar can feel very different. A lot of variables "


^^ True about "too many variables", but randy still has a better chin regardless.

I'd be amazed if Randy didn't juice or hgh to go to hvwt. I have no problem with it, because I wanted him to win.