Randy Bloom Forum Request 2 Review

Randy Bloom and Island Martial Arts have released the
second DVD based on forum requests entitled "Passing the
Guard". Now don't let the title fool you, it not only covers
certain aspects of passing the guard, but a whole lot more as
well. The DVD is 50 minutes long and the music is provided
by John Taylor of Duran Duran. Randy is also assisted by his
friend and fellow black belt Acee Comegys and students
Bryon Schnell and Chris Pritts.

Randy starts off the DVD with passing the guard. He goes
into details on how your posture should be and how to
protect yourself from choke attempts. Next he goes into
breaking your opponent down and going for the pass. Randy
covers the basic leg on the shoulder pass and one other
way, which is his favorite! What I personally like about
Randy's style is the way he "Smashes" his opponent. You
will notice this when he passes the guard or is escaping
various submission attempts from the guard.

The Next section on the DVD is "Defending Sweeps". You
will learn a couple of ways to defend against the scissor
sweep and a variation of the scissor sweep in which your
opponent has his knee high into your chest. I've seen
different instructionals teaching how to defend and pass the
scissor sweep, but I could never get them to work. Randy
teaches a solid way to do this!

The third section covers an area on "Breaking your Opponent
Down/ Lapel Chokes". In this case your opponent knows you
are going to pass the guard, so they try to control your arms
and create space by placing their feet on your hips and push
away. Randy shows how to maintain control of your
opponent and eventually pass the guard. After this Randy
goes into attacks when your opponent is in the turtle position.
This subject will be continued in the next chapter of the DVD.

The fourth section teaches you more about controlling and
attacking your opponent while they are in the turtle position.
Here Randy shows you different ways to attack and control
your opponent depending on the "tightness" of your
opponent's posture. You will see how to apply various lapel
chokes from all angles. One move will allow you to apply a
lapel choke, armbar on either arm, or put all of the moves
together to apply a crucifix type submission. You will also
learn some ways to attack your opponent when you are
facing each other and they are in the turtle position.

Finally the last section of the DVD covers what is titled
"Kimura Escapes". Now some people will call this the Kimura
and others will call it the Americana lock. No matter what you
call it, the escapes Randy teaches are simple and very
effective. I asked Randy a while back with help on this
subject and I have been applying this method of escaping
ever since then. Again as with most of Randy's teaching,
each escape is based on your opponent?'s posture and
reaction. In this case, the escapes are meant for when your
opponent has the full mount.

When watching the DVD, pay close attention to how Randy
moves on the mat as he demonstrates each technique and
listen to what he says. Randy gives out a lot of tips and ideas
throughout the DVD that are helpful and insightful. So keep
your finger off the fast forward button, get out a notebook, and
write this stuff down. Doing that has helped me with his stuff
in the past and I am sure it will help you too! I hope you will
enjoy this DVD as much as I did.

Is there any overlap with the Rodrigo Medeiros Passing the Guard dvd?

dammit Island is gonna turn my pockets out like rabbit ears!


S.mac I haven't seen the Medeiros Guard Passing DVD, but from a
review that I read about it, you won't see much overlap if any at

when you say kimura do you mean "americana"? Is the arm bent down or bent up? (you say the "kimura from the mount position"). Are any other positions to escape this lock shown?

I call it the Americana. The one with your arm bent and your
hand is towards your head. It is just shown from the mount