Randy Blooms Forum Requests

Randys new Forum Request Transitions DVD is now ready at Islandmartialarts.com

This DVD is 58 minutes. It covers transitions for armbar to triangle to leglock. kimura to guillitine to neck crank to armbar. armbar to bicep lock. Side mount escapes. North South and Attacks from the mount.


What do you mean by the term "transitions"? Is this a tape that covers combinations or are you focusing on the space/time between moves?

TTT for Randy and Island Martial Arts.

My order is on the way!

Wow, Island martial arts is really coming through with some great quality stuff.

1. World MMA
2. SBG Productions
3. Island Martial Arts



Transitions as in transitioning from one technique to another. Combinations. Flow. Maybe Randy could explain it better with more detail.

This will take you from one attack to another,you just got use your head when your rolling and start looking for all these advantges.Good luck to all that get this DVD,your e-mails and online request hopefully are answered.Randy



ttt for Randy and Island

Can you put clips on the site a la WMA? That would be great.

Choked out surfer how about a tape on drills/exercises to improve top control/pressure?