Randy cage or ring

This may have been done before buti was just wondering what you guys think, of the difference in performance of Randy if he fights Wanderlei in a ring as opposed to the cage. I think both fighters are amazing, but I have to give it to Randy in a cage (to strong in the clinch) from there he will be able to dictate the fight as usual. In the ring though I think it is going to be much more difficult for him to hold clinch and strike/takedown and when on the floor he will not be able to crowd wand without the fence the ref will stand them up and with the additional space Wand will create in the clinch on the feet he may catch a knee in the head.

You're right.

This has been done before........

It wouldn't matter nearly as much as people think it would. Randy's taken down plenty of guys in the center of the cage.

The differences in knee/elbow/stomp/soccer kick rules would be much more of a factor.

Depends on how liberally they decide to stand them up.

randy fights smart, hed have an answer and defense for the knees

Randy has had bad luck in a ring

Randy all the way in a cage, but in a ring, the only way I see Randy loosing is if when it goes to the floor Wand can get up to his feet, or a failed double, then comes stomp city

Plus Silva doesn't have as much experience as Randy vs. Top LHW fighters. Besides Rampage Silva hasnt really fought any of the top 5 Light Heavys, while Randy's beaten 3 of them in a year (Liddell, Ortiz, Belfort).....not to mention that 2 out of the 3 have wins over Silva.

" Plus Silva doesn't have as much experience as Randy vs. Top LHW fighters"

Randy's only fought three LHWs, and I wouldn't put Belfort at the top of any list except "most clearly failed at living up to early promise". Silva's beaten every kind of fighter: sub guys, strikers, wrestlers. He's only been in any kind of trouble at all in 2 out of his last what, 20 fights?

Agreed but besides Hendo, Rampage and Kondo he hasnt done that much in his last 20 fights (besides drawing with Cro Cop)