Randy & Chuck To Announce Next UFC.


Is that Ron Howard's brother?

Pernicious - Is that Ron Howard's brother?

 haha that's what I thought!

 So did I...Hahahaaa


Definitely Opie's brother. And Wtf?

yes it is his brother. ttt

i dont know why but that pic creeps me out!

ummmm... I dont get it but its still pretty awesome

 That is one weird pic.

gangsta101 - chuck will be commentating on his own fight?


isn't that awesome!

I could walk from one end of hell to the other and not see anything scarier then that shop.

Also Chuck looks like he's been drinking too much grape Kool-aid.




 wow kirb,  how the heck were you able to get search results back that far?

I can't even get them from a year ago even if I type the exact thread title word for word.

WTF? Phone Post