Randy Couture on Kimmel Show (pic)

Randy Couture will be on the Jimmy Kimmel show on Monday, January 26. The guest host will be the lovely Tyra Banks.Another reminder will be sent out closer to the date.


Awesome thread!

Atta boy, Kimmel.


I will watch just because of that second pic.

You are both saucy and wise for posting those pics.

It's all in how you market, racer x. :)

I will definitely watch, but hope that Randy will still have an opponent by then. I truly hope that Vitor's sister is found, but if not they should have Horn ready to go. I can't believe that Vitor would fight if she is still missing.


Is there a back up plan? Last I saw Vitor was still planning to fight.

"hot damn...."

I agree.

Best thread eva!

wow, my first "best thread eva!"

thank you, thank you.

She is completely perfect in that second pic....It isnt right to be that fucking fine..

That's not Randy.

LOL @ Shawn being upset that it wasnt a pic of randy!!!!


She's hot except for her fake tits.

"supposedly" she dosnt have fake cans...She said on orprah that they where 100% real..

I can't help but to worry about a guy's mental health who complains about a Tyra Banks pic :)