Randy Couture Perth Review

The seminar was excellent, saturday covered over 4.5 hours of technique as well as Dr Ryan Parsons covering focus, physiology, visuallizing and much much more.

Sunday coveres some amazing chokes and various setups again over 4.5 hours of technique, Dr Ryan Parsons covered nutrition.

Randy also talked about his career and gave a fantastic insight to MMA, UFC and various other fighter on the world stage.

Any one in Melbourne that is thinking about going, JUST go...

Much Much better then any PAUL DALLOW seminar I have attended.

Rinaldo De Paolis

Thanks Rinaldo. I recall my last seminar with you went something like this "I can't believe that you just got choked out by that homeless guy! Man you suck bad.."

Was he cool with signing a bunch of autographs and doing photos and stuff? just wanna know cos if he isnt i will have to get physical with him.

Spent so much of his time taking photos and signing autographs, a true gentlemen...

he was not happy with Aarons comments though...:-)

Amazing seminar, Randy and Ryan are truly enigmatic teachers and an open book of top level MMA technique, strategy, nutrition and mental conditioning.

Something for everyone.

Randy would have spent over an hour both days getting photographed ans signing stuff, never too busy for anyone. Humble champion.

Melbourne, don't miss it.



I concur!

Also, loved the quiet Sunday afternoon raid on the small Claremont cafe...

damm you all!!!! :(

mf doom, did I meet you?

RDP, cool to meet you too.