Randy Couture Seminar in London

I have been speaking with Matt Lindland in regards to having Randy Couture/Matt Lindland attend London, Ontario for a two day seminar. Shortly after Randy returns from PRIDE, they will contact me with a date for the event. Matt has told me to start planning, so I thought I'd post a thread to let you folks know they're on their way. I have given Matt three weekends to choose from, he will be getting back to me in the near future with the dates. As soon as I know I'll post another thread. The dates we are looking at are in March, April, and May of 2004.

The event will be very similar to the Frank Shamrock Seminar that we put on in September of 2003. The cost for both days will be $110.00, four hours each day including breaks. So far we have room for 60 participants.

If you have any questions you can contact me at shawngeris1@hotmail.com. I do not have a confirmed date as of yet, so please don't e-mail me with questions about when this will happen. I can only tell you that it will happen between March 2004 and May 2004. When Matt e-mails me with the date it will be posted asap.

If you wish to register(or reserve a spot) early please contact asap as I'm sure it will fill up fast.


Shawn Geris



Hey Shawn.

Could you call the Showdown Store here in London 519-673-5895 regarding the Randy seminar and also mats.

Thanks for your time.


Make this happen!!!! For the love of God please make this happen!!!


Dear God,

Thank you.

P.S. - Thanks to the Baby Jesus too.


For those of you that think there might be a slight chance that this won't happen, don't worry. Randy is a friend of the family, both my father and brother are Oklahoma State University alumni. While my brother Jason was attending OSU he trained Greco Roman with Randy regularly. I can asure you that this is going to happen, just sit back and wait for the date.

Again thanks for your interest, the spots are filling quickly. I've already secured 7 spots!

Contact me to reserve your spot at the event at shawngeris1@hotmail.com

Thanks again,

Shawn Geris

One of those spots is mine! Mine I say! MINE!

Hey Shawn?

Are you that really big guy who was at Fateh's the other day?

The one who looked like he could have bench pressed the entire building?

Just wondering...


I don't know about bench pressing the entire building, but yes that was me. I train at Fateh's whenever I'm in town.

I have confirmed your spot at the seminar, let me know if anybody else from Fateh's wants to attend.

Thanks again,


Well i know Harry Geris is very connected in the wrestling world therefore if Shawn says his dad is friends with the lindland team ,

i very much believe it.

You can count on a few of us coming down depending on the dates .

Kewl. Next time you are there I will ask you to roll. I was that small guy. I was going to ask you if I could fight just your left arm but after some thought I came to the conclusion that even the left arm was out of my league just yet.


Thank you for getting me in and I will tell everyone at Fateh's!

This is going to be a great event.

Couture is the classiest guy in MMA. Not to mention he is of course "Captian America". If Matt can get into town as well this will be the seminar to be at for sure.


How far London is from Montreal (driving) ?

Man name the time I'll be there

ttyl, Greg Compton

To reserve your spot just drop me an e-mail, with your first and last name + phone number. I'll put you on the list, and e-mail you with the official date when I hear from Matt. Spots are filling quickly, there are only room for 60 participants that's including the people that have already contacted me.


Shawn Geris


Montreal to London is 6.5 hour drive.

I'll be there too. Hey Doug - I rolled with Shawn once but only his left pinky. It was close for about 20 seconds and then....

The official date for the Randy Couture/Matt Lindland seminar in London, Ontario is May 15th and 16th, 2004. The cost for both days will be $110.00, each day will be four hours long including breaks.

Contact me asap to secure your spot. Spots will only be held for participants that have paid in full. The way things are looking it wouldn't be wise to wait for last minute registration. I have been recieving tons of responses for this event, and I have a 60 participant limit.

Contact me at shawngeris1@hotmail.com, I'll forward you the payment details. All cheques will be fully refunded if on the odd chance this Team Quest seminar doesn't happen, but don't worry about that, I can asure you that Randy and Matt will be there.

Thanks again for for interest!

Shawn Geris


TTT for Couture, Lindland and Shawn Geris for pulling this off!!!