Randy Couture VBLOG (part 4)

 UFC 102 - Randy “The Natural” Couture video blog (part 4)

    Enjoy fellas 

 it's always amazing to see just how much goes on behind the scenes at one of these events.

Has anyone else tried that gleukos drink that Randy keeps product placing in these videos?

 ^^+1, it seems that at all the weigh-ins, the fighters are always hydrating with that.

Just in case you guys didn't see it, there is a part 2.

I thought it was funny how they cut the rest of the elevator Chuck dancing with the stars talk. I'm sure somebody said something mean.

 thanx Bam for the tip, I will update the page

Damn, I remember being at the weigh-ins in Vegas for Couture vs Belfort 3 / UFC 49 and the audience was tiny. The audience in this video shows how much the sport has grown!

 LOL @ the Buffer 360 talk in the elevator in part 2.