Randy Couture wants Rua, Machida, or retirement

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                                Couture's attorney: Randy no closer to retirement

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Randy Couture caused a bit of havoc in the mixed martial arts world when the legend posted a message on his Twitter account that seemed to hint he was hanging up his gloves for good.

Fans who read the message as Couture announcing his retirement from the sport may be jumping the gun.

"It's not an official announcement," Couture's attorney Sam Spira told MMA Fighting. Spira said that the posting was simply the fighter responding to fans and reiterating that he might have fought for the last time.

No decision has been made, and there is still dialogue between Couture and the UFC about his future. The decision at this point is essentially in Couture's hands.

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Sounds to me that in randy's mind he is done, just hasn't made it official. Phone Post

Oh geez.... please don't go Brett Favre on us....


 Randy Favre

This is a sport we're talking about folks.

The word 'retirement' don't mean much.

not rocket science here. he is just leaving the door open for a payday later if he wants it.

ABE FROMAN -  Randy Favre

 say it aint so . Im so Favred out

Hong Kong Phooey - 
ABE FROMAN -  Randy Favre

 say it aint so . Im so Favred out


 Why not give him Machida?

Give him Bones Jones than he will have to retire.

Give him machida, he just lost to rampage.


 Love Randy, but Machida would fuck his shit up. Embarassingly.

wow this guy either has no fear and is willing to face anybody(even if it'll end with him KO'd and in a hospital), or he's gotten so old he actually thinks he's still got it in him to fight top 3 guys...

Fugazi -  Why not give him Machida?

have a good life outside mma

Randy is great but this hand picking fights is old. Wait I wan to figth for the heavy weight title, nevermind put against Rua. He's been rewarded enough for what he has done. Go away or stop picking fights

Randy would beat Rua IMO Phone Post

Machida makes some sense in that he's not in immediate contention after losing two straight and could use some momentum from a big name win. They're big enough names they could at least headline a European card, and maybe a regular ppv.

You run the risk of Machida losing to a guy who's retiring, but I think he wins pretty handily.

Don't see him beating a healthy Shogun, Machida...that would be interesting depending on his approach.

Machida is prone to let things go to the judges and not take control of a fight while playing the counter strike game...

He could very well lose them both but he's earned the right IMO.

Sure, let him get KTFO by either one of those guys..then he can ride off talking about how "Well they are two of the best".

Props to him for wanting to go out fighting he can go out on a 3 fight win streak right now and say "I am one of the best!"

PrettyBoy -  Randy would beat Rua IMO Phone Post

 You are out of your mind IMO