Randy easily won, not even close!

Three professional judges deemed it so. After all, Vera stuffing Randy's takedown attempts did not count in this fight as effective grappling since it was not a 5 round title fight.

After all, three professional judges, borrowed from boxing judging judged this from a fixed position that allowed them to see a few angles from where they saw and sometimes only the ref's back, whereas we at home were only able to see multiple angles that are impossible to be seen in a live setting and lead us to believe that more strikes are landed.

Had not the damaging strikes thrown by Vera been mostly leg and body kicks, I might have given him the nod, but Cecil said it best himself that "leg kicks don't end fights."

So, Randy won because he threw more punches and held Vera against the cage in a non title fight where that does not apply. Remember, three professional judges can never judge a fight worse than fighters or people who've watched MMA fights for years and quite possibly longer than the judges have. After all, you were probably too busy drinking beers and looking away at waitress tittays and tuchuses.

 i agree, Randy won, he controlled and nulified veras agression for the most part.

that said it was one of the most boring fights ive ever seen and i can see why people are saying Vera should have won as his attacking was via strikes and not in the clinch or against the cage

I think you guys missed the sarcasm in that one.


Randy won though


I was coming to unleash my fury, but now I am settled down...

I thought it could of went either way, but imo Vera did the most damage, knocked Randy down, took him down, mounted (although briefly).

Vera shouldn't have let Randy play the clinch game as much as he did, he let Randy control him to much, even though Randy did no real damage.